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Civil War Period Magazines

Once you are familiar with the contents of this page it is highly probable that you will be using the NOTES most often--which is why they're placed at the top of the page. But, you really should finish reading the entire page before using these NOTES so that you understand what they contain and where the links were obtained.

NOTE ON:  Harpers New Monthly Magazine
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NOTE ON:  The Century Magazine
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NOTE ON:  The Continental Monthly Magazine
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The Making Of America Series
The "Making Of America" websites, that reside at both Cornell University and the University of Michigan, contain a large, on-line collection of 19th century magazines available to the general public.  These websites allow you to access photo-images of the actual pages from the magazines, so you can read the exact same articles people were reading over a hundred years ago.  The two sites have different collections of magazines and they're listed below (along with the links that will take you to the entire collection of magazines at each site).  You can look up articles by year and month of issue once you've selected the magazine you want to brouse.  In the NOTEs above you can read about two particularly interesting series of articles from Harper's New Monthly Magazine and The Century Magazine.  There is also a NOTE on The Continental Monthly Magazine that list a few of the Pre-Civil War articles on slavery that you might find interesting.
 The Making Of America
Civil War Magazines At Cornell University
Magazines Available At The Cornell Website
The American Missionary (1878 - 1901)
The American Whig Review (1845 - 1852)
The Atlantic Monthly (1857 - 1901)
The Bay State Monthly (1884 - 1886)
-- The Century (1881 - 1899) --
-- The Continental Monthly (1862 - 1864) --
The Galaxy (1866 - 1878)
-- Harper's New Monthly Magazine (1850 - 1899) --
The International Monthly Magazine (1850 - 1852)
The Living Age (1844 - 1900)
Manufacturer and Builder (1869 - 1894)
The New England Magazine (1886 - 1900)
The New-England Magazine (1831 - 1835)
New Englander (1843 - 1892)
The North American Review (1815 - 1900)
The Old Guard (1863 - 1867)
Punchinello (1870)
Putnam's Monthly (1853 - 1870)
Scientific American (1846 - 1869)
Scribner's Magazine (1887 - 1896)
Scribner's Monthly (1870 - 1881)
The United States Democratic Review (1837 - 1859)
 The Making Of America
Civil War Magazines At The University Of Michigan 
Magazines Available At The Michigan Website
American Jewess 1895-1899 (hosted on behalf of the Jewish Women's Archive)
Appleton's 1869-1881 (2 series)
Catholic World 1865-1901
DeBow's 1846-1869 + 1952 index (3 series)
Garden and Forest 1888-1897 (hosted on behalf of the Library of Congress)
Journal of the United States Association of Charcoal Iron Workers 1880-1891
Ladies Repository 1841-1876 (3 series)
The Old Guard 1864
Overland Monthly 1868-1900 (2 series)
Princeton Review 1831-1882 (3 series)
Southern Literary Messenger 1835-1864 + 1936 Contributor index
Southern Quarterly Review 1842-1857 (3 series)
Vanity Fair 1860-1862
Fields Of Conflict -- The American Civil War

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