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Fields Of Conflict

The American Civil War
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Welcome To The Site
Fields Of Conflict -- The American Civil War -- was begun in August of 2006 and was intended to contain well over 2,000 links to Civil War related websites that focused on primary sources.  The intention was also to maintain those links, to find the new URLs for the same websites when they changed, and to find alternative links for sites that were simply deleted and no longer available.
Creating the pages for this website, finding new URLs to sites with good information, and searching for broken links in here that need repair is a time consuming task and one that can eat up free time rather quickly.  There is no personal compensation for all of the free time being consumed except the satisfaction that it's of use to others and that a large number of people are actually benefitting from the reference material contained at this site.  From August of 2006 to July of 2007 I have been keeping track of how many people have been accessing this site and it has been a very small handfull--a number far too low to justify all the time being spent to do the work this site demands.  There are no plans to finish this site.  Only a small handfull of the links are in place right now, and they'll remain in place, but new material will not be added, nor will current links be updated if they break.  I hope you'll find what is currently here of interest, but it has become clear that only a small handfull of people actually do, and personal time is just too valuable to be spent on an effort that isn't needed.
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